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Thursday, October 28, 2021

For Entrants

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Dear boys and girls!

Today you are faced with the question of choosing a future profession. Do you want to connect your life with the sea? Then we congratulate you on the choice of a worthy and interesting way of life!

The Azov Maritime Institute of the National University "Odessa Maritime Academy" is the leading center of higher maritime education in the south-east of Ukraine.

Ukraine is a maritime state washed by two seas, having its own fleet, powerful sea trading ports, shipbuilding and ship repair factories, a developed transport infrastructure. The maritime profession that you acquire by choosing our university will give you the opportunity to find a worthy place among the employees of marine enterprises, organizations and institutions of the maritime industry, and work in leading domestic and foreign companies.

Despite the fact that the maritime profession is morally complex and physically difficult - it is interesting and romantic. This is the profession of real men! You will know the sadness of parting and the joy of meeting. Leaving in the sea, you will miss the shore, relatives and loved ones, and on the shore you will be dragged into the sea - to the open space, which will take your breath away, to the majestic depth, to the sun, which is about to be in the palm of your hand. A sailor is a state of mind!

For many years, our university provides world-class specialists not only directly with ships, but also companies working with the fleet and for the fleet. Graduates of our university successfully work in Ukraine, the CIS countries and more than 20 foreign countries of the world.

Considering that the institute trains personnel to work on foreign navigation vessels, much attention is paid to learning English, which is taught from the first to the fifth courses. This means that you will be in demand in the labor market both domestically and abroad.

After the second course, students of the AMI NU "OMA" specialties "Navigation" and "Operation of ship power plants" begin maritime practice and have the opportunity to see new countries and continents, work on the ships of the best companies, and after graduation get a prestigious job and decent wages.

Studying at the AMI of NU "OMA" every year becomes more and more interesting, there is an increase in the prospects and opportunities for graduates to apply their knowledge in practice.

Our institute employs highly qualified specialists, there are modern training simulators and a large computer park.

The choice is in your hands and we will always be glad to see you

in the walls of our institute!