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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Director's welcoming speech




The Azov Maritime Institute of the National University "Odessa Maritime Academy" is a perspective institution of higher education. During its existence, thousands of specialists for the merchant fleet, ports, maritime organizations, ship repair and shipbuilding enterprises in the country have received a start in life.

Mariupol is the largest port city of Azov. Analysis of the national and international labor markets shows that educated scientific, engineering, and managerial personnel are urgently needed to work in maritime transport, which is developing dynamically and requires organizational and structural changes.

The department of the institute successfully introduces in the educational process new innovative technologies in the field of higher maritime education. Particular attention is paid to the implementation of international requirements for the training of marine specialists, the development of qualitatively new training concepts and the improvement of the material and technical base of the institute.

Today the Azov Maritime Institute of NU "OMA" is the largest training center for navigators, ship mechanics and managers for the maritime industry in the south-east of Ukraine.

There is a great demand for graduates of AMI NU "OMA". They are invited to work on the ships of domestic and foreign companies in marine enterprises. Our employment rate is almost 100%.

The main mission of the institute is the formation of a highly qualified, theoretically and practically trained specialist who can hold senior positions in the fleet, in coastal maritime transport organizations. Training in special marine disciplines is carried out with the help of simulators, using modern electronic equipment and information technologies.

The institute has a modern material and technical base, the latest sea simulators, a large library, a training ship. Cadets have all the conditions for physical education and sports.

At the institute, you can get a working profession "sailor" and "motorist" in accordance with the requirements of the International Conventions.

A feature of the development of modern higher education provided within the walls of AMI NU OMA is its integration into European and world standards, which will ensure a qualitative improvement in the fundamental base of training and education of future sailors.

Our institute is one of those institutions of higher education that aspire to create such conditions so that every person who is able and willing to receive high professional training can do it.

I welcome you on the site of the Azov Maritime Institute of the National University "Odessa Maritime Academy" and invite you to enter our university!

Olexander Lysyi

Director of the Azov Maritime Institute of NU "OMA", PhD in Economics, Professor, Corresponding Member of TAU, Academician ICAU

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