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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Marine Power Plant Operation and Maintenance


The department

"Operation of ship power plants"

The department "Operation of ship power plants" prepares specialists of educational qualification level "Bachelor". The producing department.

The activity of the department is designed to teach students and cadets of the institute in the area of the structure and principles of operation of all ship mechanisms, the ability to use them, maintain and repair. Knowledge of ship mechanics is related to such technical areas as technical thermodynamics, electrical engineering and electronics, hydromechanics, metal technology.

The main work of ship mechanics is the constant control of the main and auxiliary ship machinery, mechanisms, equipment and systems, maintenance, ensuring their continuous work during the watch, keeping early detection and removing of breakdowns, planned and emergency repairs, filling out the expected technical documents.

Graduates of the department of "Operation of ship power plants" get a bachelor’s degree diploma, which gives the right to occupy positions in the engine team from watch officer to the second officer on ships without limiting power of the main power plant, as well as senior positions in industry, coastal energy systems, design and research organizations.


litvinenko v

Head of Marine Power Plant Operation and Maintenance department


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